MADNESS!!! Pakistani Police chops off hands of two men accused of theft   Leave a comment

Two men have been left writhing in pain after Pakistani police chopped off their left hands .They were accused of stealing electrical wire
and mobile phones.and reportedly refused to confess to their
crimes.They were brought to the hospital 8 hours after their
hands were cut off..

However,Ghulam Mustafa, 38, and Liaquat Ali, 42, accused
police of hacking off their hands with a large butcher’s knife,
despite their innocence.Mustafa told Reuters from his hospital
bed… he said

‘Four or five policemen held me down and cut my hand. I
fainted from the pain.Liaquat and I were arrested eight days
ago after people falsely accused us of stealing and handed us
over to the police who beat us and tortured us.Then on Friday,
they did this.’

Police disputed their version of the story, telling Reuters the
accused men cut their own hands with razor blades in a suicide

‘ Aamir Ahmed, head of the emergency ward, told Reuters.
This looks like the work of an axe or similar tool. These are
not self-inflicted wounds,Mustafa arrived with his hand cut off
completely and one of the policemen carried it in a plastic
bag.Ali’s hand had also been cut but was still attached to his
arm. ‘We have sown Liaquat’s hand back on but it will take
weeks before we know if he will ever use it again”

Posted June 3, 2014 by SIRNEYO in NEWS

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