Chris Brown Finally Released From Jail   Leave a comment

Chris Brown leaves L.A. county jail at 12:01 AMthis Monday
morning. Chris Brown has been going through the ringer lately, with highly publicized hearings and court dates, a recent four month
sentence for a probation violation, and even more recently, a
lawsuit for surrounding (yet another) assault. This is nothing new
for Breezy though, he’s a magnet for legal troubles.
Nonetheless, the singer received some reprieve early this
morning, when he was released from L.A. county Jail at 12:01
AM. Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy Tony Moore relayed the news
to the AP, however more details were scarce.
Brown had been held in custody for since March, following his
expulsion from rehab which resulted in breaking his probation.
Although it was just last month that the judge sentenced Brown
to 131 more days behind bars, it appears that Brown was
eligible for an early release. The singer still has 1,000 hours
of community service to complete.
We’ll update you when more details become available. Brown is
already back on his socials, tweeting out that it’s time to get
back to the music and the fans.

Posted June 2, 2014 by SIRNEYO in GIST

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