EXPOSED! SEE What Uche Jombo’s Husband Does In America for A Living (PICTURES)   Leave a comment

Before the marriage of Uche Jombo, a top Nollywood actress, to her husband, Kenney Rodriguez, in May 2012,little or nothing was known about him. Even their wedding came as a surprise to some fans of the movie star.

This was because before the secret wedding, Uche had reportedly denied a rumour that she was going to pick another man, ‘Chi Boy’, as husband. She then kept mute on the man in her life. So, when news went out that she was holding a wedding ceremony, it caught a lot of her fans unawares.

While some have alleged that the man Uche got married to has no good job like the husbands of some of her colleagues, others have defended the actress that Kenney is an American ‘big boy’ who can take care of his family very well.

Checks done by, through a source in the US, who knows Uche Jombo’s hubby too well, revealed that the handsome man works in a gym centre in the Uncle Sam’s land. reliably gathered that Uche’s husband works at Gold’s Gym, located at Preston Road and Park Boulevard in Plano, Texas.

We also scooped that Kenney is fondly called K-Rod by pals. He works at the centre as a personal trainer. From the information gathered by, Kenney is said to work as a full time trainer at the centre. We learnt that he is loved by his clients because of the way he professionally carries out his duties at the place.

Further checks carried out by indicate that Kenney has been working at the gym centre for about four to five months now. From we learnt, the cute dude works with one client once or twice a week for about 45 minutes.

Posted April 16, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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