Paris Hilton Tweets Very Nasty Article Bashing Kim Kardashian   Leave a comment

Paris tweeted a link to an article with the title Kim Kardashian Making It the Old-Fashioned Way;On Her Back.  Paris and Kim are former BFF’s but they have an unsettled feud. The entire article was a Kim-bashing bonanza that basically said Kim used Paris for fame and made all of her money by sleeping her way to the top
Here’s an excerpt:
“What is so amazing is that the only reason that anybody even knows this woman’s name is because she followed the plan of her pseudo-friend, Paris Hilton, and created a sex tape with the rapper Ray-J, then purposefully leaked it, so she could create buzz around herself. Good to know that Kim Kardashian decided to make it the old-fashioned way; on her back.”
“It is time to recognize this [Kim Kardashian] woman for who and what she is. She was so dying for fame, that she did anything she could to suck up to Paris Hilton to be friends. Then, when she saw Hilton’s sex tape go viral, she decided to make one of her own, and leak it, so that she could be famous.”
Paris later tweeted  and deleted this
Oops, just realized I mistakenly retweeted a story someone sent me. Hate when I leave my phone unlocked in my purse & it tweets & texts.

Posted April 14, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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