Most Nigerian Celebrities Wear Cheap Clothes – Celebrity Designer Reveals   Leave a comment

Celebrity Designer

Award-winning celebrity stylist/designer,Durojaiye Owolabi who is the CEO of Mood’deo International has revealed in a recent chat with Punch, that most of the celebrities seen on television in Nigeria like wearing cheap clothes or clothes given to them for free.

He also said that 2face Idibia was the only celebrity who paid on time and even over-paid him sometimes. Read the excerpts below:

“I see entertainers as celebrities. They dictate what goes on in the fashion world. I see them as people that have made it, rich and affluent and whatever they put on has to be the best.

When I started my outfit, being a celebrity designer is what I targeted because abroad, celebrities are the people that would help you showcase your work. I decided I would work with a few of them but I was shocked because most of these celebrities like cheap things. I cannot mention names but you would be surprised that most of the big names do not pay on time.

But I have worked with Tuface who even paid more than the cost of the item. But people like Tuface are scarce in the industry. These celebrities want things for free. This made me change my mind to be doing clothes for the masses because my fashion line is going to end up as an NGO. I thought I could make enough money from being a celebrity designer, then I could turn my business into an NGO for the less privileged kids but things did not work out as I planned.

Sometimes when these celebrities bargain for an attire, you would be shocked and ask yourself if it is the same person that we see on television.”

Posted April 13, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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