Malaysian Government Offers $5000 Compensation To Relatives Of The Deceased And Promised To Offer More   Leave a comment

The Malaysian government has said that it has offered family members of those on board flight MH370 compensation of $5000 each, and is preparing to pay more.

The relatives of passengers aboard the plane have already been put up in hotels at the expense of the airline as search efforts
They added that it was not correct” to say families have been isolated
during search for MH370 and that this was a “painful period” for the
airline. Both Malaysian airlines and the Malaysian government have
come under massive criticism. Family members of the missing
passengers have complained bitterly about a lack of reliable
Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng told Malaysia’s ambassador to
Beijing that China wanted to know what exactly led Malaysia to
announce Monday night that the plane had been lost, China’s Foreign
Ministry said on its website Tuesday. “We demand the Malaysian side
to make clear the specific basis on which they come to this
judgment,” Xie was quoted as telling Datuk Iskandar Bin Sarudin.
10.26 am: Chinese relatives protest at Malaysia embassy Furious over
Malaysia’s handling of the lost jetliner a day after the country said the
passengers must be dead, Chinese relatives of the missing marched
Tuesday to the Malaysia Embassy, where they threw plastic water
bottles, tried to rush the gate and chanted, “Liars!”
The Chinese government, meanwhile, demanded that Malaysia turn
over the satellite data it used to conclude that Malaysia Airlines Flight
370 was lost in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors during a
flight to Beijing. Among the flight’s 239 passengers, 153 were
Chinese nationals, making the incident a highly emotional one for
Beijing, and the government’s demand reflected the desire among
many Chinese relatives of passengers for more conclusive information
on the plane’s fate.
Nearly 100 relatives and their supporters marched to the embassy in
the late morning, wearing white T-shirts that read “Let’s pray for
MH370″ as they held banners and chanted. “Tell the truth! Return our
relatives!” they shouted. There was a heavy police presence at the
embassy when the group arrived, and journalists were being kept
away. Family members of the missing passengers have complained
bitterly about a lack of reliable information. Many have said they
suspect they are not being told the whole truth — a not-uncommon
mindset among ordinary Chinese accustomed to dealing with their
own opaque and single-party communist state.




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