[Shocking News]18-year-old Nigerian was brutally murdered over$4,500 in Ghana   Leave a comment

18-year-old Godwin Awogbo, a 300 level student of University
of Cape Coast in Central region, Ghana, studying Social Science
was brutally killed.

His body had been found with some his
internal organs gorged out, with his hands and legs tied.
His Father Mr Fred Awogbo whose eyes were swollen, obviously
due to prolonged crying, expressed many regrets as regards
why he had not listened to his late son’s proprietor who had
suggested that he should send his son to Canada to further his
studies or better still, allow his son to weather the storm of
strike actions often associated with Nigerian universities than
losing him in Ghana to the cold hands of death, where he
thought he was safe and he would not lose him to strange

The bereaved father revealed that his son’s room-mate
borrowed $4500 from him and killed him when he asked for the
money..He said..

“We arrived at the Nigerian High Commission and with some of
the staff of the High Commission, we went to meet the Vice

The meeting was also witnessed by the Police and all Nigerian community leaders in Ghana.At the meeting, the management asked some of his friends and roommate to say what they knew about his death.

Meanwhile, while I was in Nigeria, I spoke with his roommate, a Ghanaian, who told me that my son had withdrawn some thousands of dollars meant for his school fees, but had lent the money to some students.

When he requested them to pay back, they started threatening
his life. It was after the threats that he heard about his
death.“Unfortunately, after everyone of them had spoken, not
even the roommate mentioned the issue of those my son lent
some money and how they threatened him.

So, I told the school authority and the police right there to ask him to tell them how my son was threatened. It was when he started
talking that we realised he (the room mate) was the one who
borrowed about $4,500 from my son, thereby denying my son
the opportunity of paying his school fees on time.

When my late son started worrying him, he set him up. So, after the
police took my statement, they promised to arrest him.”“My son was brought up in the church. When he was still in secondary school, he was being addressed as ‘Dr Pastor’ because he was active in church”. Appreciating the efforts of the Nigerian High Commission, Mr Awogbo said

“The Nigeria High Commission in Ghana really surprised us with the amount of effort they have put into this case. They have promised to
make sure the killer is brought to book. Honestly, I regret
sending my child to study in Ghana, because if he had gained
admission into higher institution in Nigeria, this would not have

The reason I sent him to Ghana was to avoid the
issue of strike action in Nigerian higher institutions. Even his
mother and proprietor wanted him to go to Canada to further
his studies. They really persuaded me but I said ‘No’, because I
didn’t want to lose my boy. I have been traveling to Europe for
more than 20 years and I know what happens in such
developed countries. At a tender age, I thought if I sent him
there, I might lose him; he might not even want to come
back home.So I decided that after he’s through with his
degree, he would go and do his Masters in Canada, but here
weare.As for now, I cannot advise any Nigerian parent to send
their children to study in Ghana; a lot of them studying here
are teenagers and the stress is too much for them. Coming
here myself has made me know that, in addition is the fact that
the money we are paying is too much, compared to what
private universities are charging in Nigeria.”Nigerian Tribune




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