Find Out The Actress That Said She’s Not Been To Church In 18 Years Now   Leave a comment

Controversial actress, Liz Anjorin is back on the scene and her latest movie

is set to drop in May. She shared some personal information with Entervaganza especially on her conversion from Christianity to Islam:

There’s this rumour that it’s the man you want to marry that made you convert to Islam.

I converted because of my mum. No man can make me change to Islam.

Why did you convert then?

People are getting it wrong. Because I travelled to Hajj did not mean I just converted. I’ve not been to church in the past 18 years. If any pastor has ever seen me in his church, he should come out and say it. I’ve been a Muslim for long. My daughter’s name is Rufaidat. I had her when I was in the North.

But the man you want to marry is a Muslim?

He’s not. He’s not. For real, he’s not. He was not and he’s not. I went to Mecca because of my mum, because I love her, something happened the day she died, and I was like oh my God, I need to pray for this woman, I need to do something special for her.

You said something happened the day your mum died. What happened?

I don’t want to say it, but I travelled to Mecca on her behalf, and for my dear life, because now no sister, no brother, no father, no mother.

What has changed about you since you came from Mecca?

Let me say, I take things easy. What people do to me no longer hurts me. Things don’t bother me like they used to before.

Do we see a situation in the future, whereby you that hasn’t been to church in 18 years, will now return to Christianity again?Are we not calling the same God? I don’t discriminate. It’s only stupid people that discriminate. You are a Christian, I’ll embrace you. If you invite me for your anniversary, of course I’ll come. I don’t have anything against Christianity. That’s all I can say.

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