Lil Wayne Miraculously Escapes Almost Been Killed By A Female Fan!   Leave a comment

Its no news that Lil Wayne has received a couple of gunshots. But did you know

the rapper was shot one time by a female fan? he made the revelation during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Here is how he broke it down:

“I’ve been shot at by a female fan. It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan. She wanted… actually we didn’t know what she wanted it was a good thing we didn’t find out. And once we got on the road the bus driver was like, ‘Hey, those girls [are] on the side of us.’ We weren’t paying them no mind, we was all hype and we was dancing. I was standing up in the window and gunshots went off and he was like, ‘It was the girls, it was the girls on the side of [the bus].’”

Posted March 16, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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