LWKMD! See What Happened Between Akpos and His Pastor   Leave a comment

This is a funny prayer point saga.Below is the crazy encounter between Akpos and his new Pastor.

Akpos mistakenly became friend with his Pastor on facebook, he had accepted before he knew it was him.

Few minutes later his Pastor sent him a message:
Pastor: How are you, my good brother?
Akpos: I’m fine, my daddy.
Pastor: I want to prayer for you now!
Akpos: Thank you daddy, I’m ready.
Pastor: May the building of heavenly favour collapse on your head
Akpos: (no reply)
Pastor: May the thunder of Blessing strike you and your family…
Akpos: (no reply)
Pastor: May God cut you with the axe of life
Akpos: (no reply)
Pastor: May God stab you with the knife of riches
Akpos: (no reply)
Pastor: May you be sentenced to life imprisonment in the eternal jail of success
Akpos: (no reply)
Pastor: May the World Trade Centre of happiness collapse on you and your family
Akpos: (no reply)

Pastor: Brother Akpos, are you there?
Akpos: Yes, my daddy, I’m here.
Pastor: You should be saying amen to claim the Blessings.
Akpos: Are you sure?
Pastor: Of course.

Akpos: Ok, I have something powerful for you too?
Pastor: Oh I see, you want to sow a seed?.
Akpos: Yes, a strong seed. May the over-speeding trailer of blessings jam and crush you and your family. 
Pastor: (no reply)
Akpos: May the earthquake of happiness swallow you and your family members. May the sea of miracles drown you and all members of your family.
Pastor: (no reply)

Akpos: My Pastor, are you there? 
Pastor: [Angry] Why are you asking me if am here?
Akpos: You should be saying Amen to claim this Powerful Prayers o!
Pastor: Na thunder go fire you there! You are a stupid boy!!
Heheheheh, my tummy oo

Posted March 13, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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