Breaking News: Nollywood Actors Jim Iyke & Emma Ehumadu In Ghastly Auto Crash.   Leave a comment

According to juliablaise

Nollywood actors Jim Iyke and Emmanuel Ehumadu,

popularly known as Totolos were involved in a ghastly auto crash yesterday afternoon in Asaba, Delta state. The crash was so severe that Totolos is said to be lying unconscious in a hospital bed in Asaba. It was disclosed that Jim Iyke and the Labista star were on the set of a movie, where they were required to do a stunt that involved firing arms while driving.

Jim was driving while Totolos was supposed to fire a gun through a half opened door. Eventually, Jim swerved suddenly and Totolos allegedly lost his grip and collided with a moving vehicle on the road.

we gathered that the accident was so terrible that Totolos had a broken skull, fractured neck and went into coma.

As you are reading this, his wife has quickly stormed Asaba to stay beside him, as he is lying in a critical condition that requires the prayers of the entire movie industry.

However, nothing happened to Jim Iyke, who is equally in the hospital beside Totolos.

Posted March 13, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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