GOOD NEWS: Soldiers invade Boko Haram’s Camp, Seize 700 Cars   Leave a comment

The Special Forces involved in the ongoing campaign against
the Boko Haram insurgents have recorded what top security
sources in the country have described as one the greatest
breakthroughs in the campaign against the deadly terrorist
group in the North-East of Nigeria.

The soldiers, who went on the operation, were shocked by the
volume of arms and ammunition and hundreds of operational
vehicles that they captured at the camp.

“In their confessions, it was revealed that some of the
camps have been disbanded following the directive of their
clerics who declared that the operation of the sect had come
to an end as the mission could no longer be sustained.
“The captured terrorists, who are giving useful information
as to the locations of their remnant forces, are full of
apologies and pleas for their lives to be spared promising to

According to Punch, investigations on Tuesday revealed that
the Special Forces, comprising ground troops and the Air Force
fighters, had demobilized one of the strongest fortresses of the
Boko Haram sect.
A source put the number of vehicles captured from the
insurgents at 700 as several members of the sect were
Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade,
who confirmed the capture of the Boko Haram camp, said
several terrorists were wounded in the military raids and they
had made useful confessions.
He said some of the wounded terrorists were captured near
Lake Chad and they are pleading for mercy and are
cooperating with interrogators from the Multi-National Joint
Task Force.
Olukolade said that the captured insurgents complained of
starvation and the frequency of bombardments by the JTF as
some of the major problems which affected them.
In his words: “They confirmed that starvation was a major
problem in addition to ceaseless bombardments on the camp
locations even when they kept relocating. They also confirm
that several members of the group have been wounded and no
treatment was forthcoming. Troops have continued their
assault on other locations across the states covered by the
state of emergency.”
It’s only a matter of time, Boko Haram is crumbling as Nigerian
soldiers have now been motivated for work.




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