”She Enjoyed Me For 2 Days”- Obesere Exposes More Details About The R@p£ Saga   Leave a comment

Popular fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere,
has denied the rapé allegation made against
him, claiming that he and the lady actually had a
mutual séx affair. Miss Olanike Olaiya, a business
woman had reported to the police that the
musician forcefully had séx with her and in the
process, inserted a ring into her private part
which caused her to bleed.

But Obesere has not cleared the air on the what
really happened:
“She spent two days in my house [not just one
night as she had claimed] and she felt at home.
So, how could I have rapéd her? Why didn’t she
shout while I was ‘doing it’ to her? She was the
one that went to the kitchen and cooked and I
ate all she prepared in those two days.

“Why would I force any lady to sleep over in my
house when there are so many other ladies
begging to sleep in my house?
Speaking to Saturday Beats, Obesere admitted
getting to know the lady recently but said the
séxual aspect of the relationship was consensual.
“A friend of mine, Alhaja Bola Omowo introduced
Nike to me two weeks ago. Obesere Rising, a
product, is coming to Nigeria, Alhaja told me that
Nike would want to be one of the marketers.
From there, we became friends.”

Obesere denied asking her to sleep over in his
house as she claimed in her petition. “I took her
as my girlfriend and a sister. I even left her at
home and went out the second day. She was the
one that called me while I was away that she
needed to get to Ibadan.”

Obsere said he was surprised when the lady
called him to say she was ill.

“She said she was seeing something strange in
her body. I told her to tell Alhaja that introduced
her to me to take her to the hospital. She said
she didn’t want to do that as Alhaja might
broadcast it to everybody that she slept in my
house. I called Alhaja and she told me nothing
was wrong with Nike. Alhaja eventually asked me
if I was a ‘mugu’. Alhaja was the one that told me
that Nike had suggested a plan for the two of
them to blackmail me of N5m to N10m. I am a
street guy; I am not a ‘mugu’.”

Obesere said he took Nike to his doctor who
confirmed nothing was wrong with her. “My
doctor however suggested she go for scan and
my boys took her back to the hotel in order for
her to go to the lab the next day.It was later that
day that my gateman called me to say police had
invited me to the police station. I told my lawyer
to go. He was the one that told me the girl was
set out to embarrass me.”

When Saturday Beats asked the singer where his
wife was during the incident, he said she
understood his kind of life and assured that the
allegation wouldn’t affect his marriage.

“That is why God is God. It is only God that is
perfect. My wife is aware of this mess. She
understands the kind of job I do and she knows
such things happen. My house is intact; nothing
can destroy it. I am going to sing about it. This
lady has already made me more popular,”

Hmmm What do you think Bout This???




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