I’m The Strrictest Parent In The World, Omotola Jalade Cries   Leave a comment

Despite recent controversies over her parenting skills,

Omotola Jalade-Ekiende insists she is doing a fantastic job as a mum.

Speaking with Kemi Ashefon of Punch Newspaper, the Nollywood actress revealed that her children think she is ‘the strictest parent on the planet’.

‘My kids think I am the strictest parent on the planet. I was brought up under very strict parents but I try to balance it. I know the things that really matter and the things that don’t. When you meet my kids you will know that they are well brought up. That’s what gives me the biggest joy‘.

Also, Omotola’s hubby Captain Ekeinde has for the first time opened up on the Instagram-blogger controversy surrounding his 14-year-old daughter Meraiah Ekeinde.

The celebrity dad told Ashefon ’I do not know why they would do that but it is just another lesson for the kids to be very careful about what they put out there. Actually, she did it with the intent of exchanging with her friends, not knowing that people will get into her private business. We have told her to take down all the pictures and leave only one‘.

Weeks ago Omotola barked at bloggers who posted photos of Meraiah Ekeinde and described her ‘hot and sexy‘.

After much pressure from the media questioning the actress’ parenting skills, Omotola’s daughter deleted a number of photos which depicted sexuality and profanity.

Posted March 4, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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