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With the Oscars just days a way, we’re taking a look
back at the worst looks to ever grace the red carpet at
the glam show.

Which dress do you think was the most
dreadful on fashion’s biggest night of the year?
The Oscars carpet is like the Super Bowl of fashion, bringing
out the most talented stars and serious A-list presenters. And
although the Academy Awards brings out the best looks on the
red carpet, unfortunately not everyone hits it out of the park
on Oscars night. In fact, some stars have pulled out some
seriously tragic looks over the years — in fact, these leading
ladies looked like they were headed to a costume party rather
than the glam award show!

    Worst Oscar Dresses Ever:

While so many gals would be mortified at the prospect of
landing on this list, that still didn’t stop them from slipping up —
and hunny when it’s bad, it is HORRIBLE. Forget about trying to
decide whether you love or loathe these looks, they were all
downright awful. Bjrk definitely takes the cake as the poster
gal for bad awards show fashion, but she certainly wasn’t the
only one who committed a fashion sin on Oscar night! In fact,
even some of the most glamorous stars, (we’re looking at you,
Gwyneth), have found their way on our list. From the weird to the hilarious and finally, the downright fugly, take a look back at the worst
looks of all time and let us know which dress deserves to go down in the history of the awards show red carpet as the absolute
worst. Hopefully none of our favorite stars find themselves on this
list come Sunday night!




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