Akon plans to provide electricity to 1 million African households   Leave a comment

Senegalese-American singer, songwriter and producer Aliaune Damala

Badara Thiam, known as Akon, is no doubt one of the most successful and influential musicians of African descent. Akon is out with a plan to bring electricity to a million African households, through a project tagged ‘Akon lighting Africa’.

‘Akon Lighting Africa’ is aimed at redressing the fact a large part of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is living in the dark.

Report says Akon’s company, Akon Corporation, is working with GIVE1 Project and Solektra International, member of ADS Group (Africa Development Solution Group, in order to create resourceful and standby effective energy solutions.

The Senegalese, NET gathered has also partnered with Azuri Technologies to support the installation of solar equipment in households, which will provide good access to better and prominent electricity to the folks.

‘We are extremely pleased by the overwhelmingly positive response of government leaders to embrace a public-private partnership that aims to address access to power in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative is given further validity and momentum based on the support of these nations and their executives and advisor,’  Akon said in a statement.

Posted March 1, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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