PHOTOS: Davido, Wizkid, Olamide.. And The Fine Girls That They’ve Been Linked To In The Media — Who Do You Like Best?   Leave a comment

We all know that Davido has had a couple of incidents where girlshave waited til he fell asleep, and then snapped photos with him to post online, but those girls don’t count… We’re talking about the girls that he has publicly acknowledged and has actually shown to the world by choice:


Davido was linked to the Ghanaian beauty below during mid 2012, and she even attended several public events with him:

Most recently the internet exploded when he announced his newest girl casually, after he posted a photo of the back of her head on instagram, refusing to reveal her identity.  Here are photos of the Yoruba beauty, Funmi, he as most recently linked to:


When Wizkid first stepped on the scene with the Holla At Your Boy video, we were immediately introduced to his girlfriend at the time right away, because she was the lead model in his video, her name is Sophie. It was documented that their break up was amicable, and that they ended it all on friendly terms:

Next we were introduced to Sola, the mother of his child:

And the girl who has captured his heart, Tania Omotayo:


We searched high and low, and Olamide has only been linked to ONE girl. He always raps about her, swears he never puts anyone above her, constantly shows how much he loves her, openly posts photos of them together on instagram.  Lucky girl. Looks like she’s got his heart for real. She’s definitely our fav. celebrity girlfriend, seems like he really respects her and we never hear of her being in any type of drama. Wishing them all the best

Posted February 28, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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