Men Be Warned! I Can’t Be A Housewife – Actress Anita Joseph   Leave a comment

When we told you guys on Saturday that Anita Joseph is not ready to change her ways,

we didn’t even know that the curvy actress

will go as far as make such a bold declaration. She is not ready to jump on any offer, simply because the offer comes with a lifetime of matrimonial bliss and happiness.

The social media was rife with the news that the sultry actress turned down marriage proposal from her lover of many years, who proposed to her on Valentine’s Day with the hope of getting married to her shortly.

But to the surprise of many, Anita Joseph rejected the marriage proposal.

See her reason below…

“I can’t just quit my job and be a complete housewife” she said. Anita and her lover, Europe based Martins Okorie have been dating for a while and many have expected them to consummate it at the altar but it appears the lovebirds would have to stick to being just “friends with benefits” until the guy find a more willing woman.

The man has all the money to take care of Anita but he’s not happy with the way she is exposing her body all in the name of being an actress. He asked her to quit and become his wife, but Anita said “No Way!”

Posted February 23, 2014 by SIRNEYO in e-news

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