Marriage Not My Priority Now – Nollywood Actress Mbong Amata   Leave a comment

Nollywood actress, Mbong Amata, speaks about the breakup of her marriage

with celebrated filmmaker, Jeta, in this interview with Punch

At a time many celebrity marriages are crashing like packs of cards, fans of the filmmaking couple, Jeta and Mbong Amata, were shocked to learn they too had drifted apart. Since the couple practically worked together on major movie projects, many fans, who obviously did not see it coming, continue to ask: What went wrong?

The erstwhile love birds were envied for their achievements. Jeta met Mbong during an audition in Calabar in 2001. She was only 16 years old at the time. They started dating about two years later and then tied the nuptial knots in 2008.

Mbong gave birth to their daughter in the same year. Then in 2013, things began to fall apart and the centre could no longer hold.

Getting Mbong to open up on the crashed union was a tough call. Surprisingly, she spoke fondly of her one-time sweetheart.

When E-Punch asked if she had found love elsewhere, she was evasive at first.

“I’m working and I still intend to do more charity work. Who is the man you’re talking about? I don’t have any man for now. Right now, I don’t think marriage is my priority. I don’t want to comment on that now. I don’t want to talk about the future. I prefer to live in the present. Am I supposed to reel that out? But life happens,’’ she replied.

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